“Hope is the only good that is common to all men;
those who have nothing else possess hope still”
– Thales.

Greek philosopher Thales spoke of the importance of hope 2500 years ago.

Yet, today only 48% of Australian students aged 10-18 could be classified as hopeful (Gallup, 2016).
Over half of our young people feel hopeless.

This might explain why more than 80,000 nineteen year olds aren’t finishing school (2015),
only 52% of year twelve students are engaged and enthusiastic about school (Gallup, 2015),
and one in six young Australians experience anxiety (ABS, 2008).

Clearly, something is wrong.

Millennials are faced with the fastest changing economy in history. The digital era demands a highly developed skill
set to cope with this shift, and job-hopping. But it’s not just about technical skills.

Thales also advised us to “know thyself”.

Imagine a generation of young people who all had a sense of hope, who knew themselves, their unique (one in 33
million) talent combination and how to apply it. Imagine the impact on the individual, their workplace, the
community and ultimately the economy.

But how do we achieve what has been talked about for millennia?

That’s what we do. Introducing our Find Your Magic online academy (coming soon).
There is a vast reserve of untapped potential residing in our children. When we acknowledge this and help our
children discover their innate talents, everyone wins.
Through helping every teenager understand their unique talents (using the evidence-based Clifton Strength Finder)
and how to harness them, via our digital coaching academy, we can build a generation of happy, motivated, and
resilient superstars.

The Find Your Magic online academy coaches teenagers to discover, develop and use their strengths to build hope
and to be their best self.


Discover your talents… design your life

Find Your Magic eCourse

I’m going to help you join the X Men.

X Men, you know, the movie about a group of mutants (each having an unusual but powerful talent) who stopped trying to conform and be like everyone else, and instead embraced the significance of the extremely unique talents they were born with. Under the guidance of Dr Xavier they learn to value their uniqueness, invest in it, and apply it in a productive way. Turning their innate talent into a super-power.


Ka-Pow! Just like that they all found their magic. Like what Dr Xavier did with the mutants, I’d like to do that with you!


Let’s get to it then.
We’ll do a bit of X Men super-power discovery with you.
We’ll do an assessment to identify your unique combination of Top 5 talents
(did you know only 1 in 33million people will have the same Top 5 talent combo as you!).
Then once we know what they are, we’ll help you understand what they mean for you, what they can be used for,
and how you can use them more often… and for the rest of your life.


Sounds like a huge amount of awesome right there, doesn’t it?

I’m in! I want to discover my talents…


‘Education often promotes a narrow view of ability…as a result, many people are unaware of the variety of their talents and the depth of their potential’
– Sir Ken Robinson, Author & World Thought Leader

The world is changing. And these changes will impact you.
No longer does a degree or qualification guarantee a job and a successful, long career.

When international publishing house Penguin Random House is quoted (news.com.au, 2016) as saying “Simply if you’re talented, and have potential, we want to hear from you”  it’s a sign that the workforce, and what is required to be employable, is changing.

You will need to change with it, or fear being left behind.

In a time when students need more guidance and support with career decisions and the direction to take, career practitioners working in schools are under resourced and time poor.

According to Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA, 2015) over half of all school career practitioners are working part time in their role.
Of those, just 1 in 3 are able to devote the entirety of their time to career education and guidance.
Research shows 1 in 3 career practitioners are provided with less than $1000 annually to undertake career development activities across their entire school.
1 in 2 schools with a population of over 1000 students have less than $3 per student to spend on career education.

In America 53 million people are freelancing.
By 2020, 50% of the U.S. workforce will be freelancers (Forbes, 2016).

In Australia, 42 per cent of millennials are now freelancing.
They now make up nearly half (47 per cent) of the freelance workforce in 2015 (News.com.au, 2015).

“Freelancing in Australia is a powerful movement and it’s changing how people approach and even define work,”

according to Rich Pearson, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Categories at Upwork:

“It used to be something you said out the side of your mouth, maybe you weren’t so proud to admit, but it’s becoming a much more respected and desirable career path, even aspirational.”

With a workforce that is changing dramatically, we need to arm the next generation (that’s you!) with a deeper knowledge about yourselves
and what you have to offer, to survive in this knew world.

In January 2016, international publishing house Penguin Random House decided to drop degrees as a requirement for job applicants, following in the footsteps of major consulting firms Ernst and Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers (News.com.au, 2016).
WHAT! Yes you read that correctly.
That’s your nudge to sit-up and take notice of the change that is afoot.

We also know that only 30% of Year 12 students in Australia strongly agree that they know they will find a good job after they leave school (Gallup 2016).

What does that mean for you as you enter adulthood?
How should you be changing your approach to study and your job search?
How can you differentiate yourself from others with similar skills as you?
What are employees valuing?
Knowing your talents, and choosing to add skills, knowledge and experience to further develop them is the key.



66% of people aged between 25 and 29 think that they should have spent more time considering their study or career choice (2015, Dept. of Edu.)
26% of Australian 19-year-olds (81K people) aren't finishing school (2015, Mitchell Institute)
20% of students will drop out of university or change their course within their first year (2014, Dept. of Edu.)
Only 52% of year 12 students in Australia are engaged in and enthusiastic about school (Gallup 2016)
Less Than half of students in years 5 through to 12 in Australian Schools could be classified as 'hopeful', meaning they have abundant ideas and energy for the future (Gallup 2016)
Only 30% of Year 12 students in Australia strongly agree that they know they will find a good job after they leave school (Gallup 2016)


You want to find your magic don’t you?

You know, those super-powers you were born with. The things about you that make you beautifully unique.

And guess what? You didn’t luck-out, everybody has them. We want to help you discover what your talents are, with a simple assessment you can identify yours. It’s super cool.

We each have great talents, and the more we know about them, the more we can understand what makes us special and how we can use our talents to do things exceptionally well.
Gallup Strengths Centre

We’re also super passionate about helping you to create a life you’ll love. ‘Cause that’s what you want to do, right?

You’re about to face some rather big life decisions. We’d like to hold your hand through those (if that’s OK?). Think of us as your cheersquad, encouraging you to learn as much as you can about your innate talents, what makes you tick and what you love doing. It’s important stuff to know before you start steering yourself in any particular direction.

We’re not career counsellors, but super power activators. Not teachers, but courage builders.

We’re about helping you identify your talents, showing you how to invest time and focus to develop them, and then aiming them at something to make a difference.

We’ll turn your magic on. So… let’s get to it!



All you’ve ever wanted for your daughter or son is for them to be happy, isn’t it?

That’s where we come in!

In 2016 a gallup study reported that less than half of students in years 5 through to 12 in Australian Schools could be classified as ‘hopeful’, meaning they have abundant ideas and energy for the future.

We believe that what makes the biggest impact on your child’s development is having at least one person who not only loves and cares about them, but who also acknowledges and recognises their individuality.

Someone who encourages them to shine.

Who sees the best in them.

Someone who helps them find a pathway to a positive future.

We want to help you to be that person for your child.

Using Gallup’s Clifton Strength Finder assessment we can identify your child’s Top 5 signature talent themes, or the full 34 talent themes (areas where your child’s greatest potential for building strengths exists).

More than 15 million people have taken this assessment worldwide.

The more your kid’s talents are developed into strengths and put into action, the happier and more energised they will be. Not to mention to positive impact it will have when they are ready to enter the workforce.  With their new-found talent awareness they will know what type of work suits them, and how to pitch themselves to a prospective employer.

We believe that every child should be given the skills and knowledge about themselves to be the best they can be.
We’re here to help you do that for your precious ones. Our ‘Find Your Magic’ Online Academy is how we do it.



It’s a bit scary that a 2016 Gallup poll reported that:

Only 52% of year 12 students in Australia are engaged in and enthusiastic about school.

And… 66% of people aged between 25 and 29 think that they should have spent more time considering their study or career choice according to a 2015 Dept. of Education study. 

I want to do something about that. And I need your help. Are you in?

You see, there will always be plenty of people around children who see their weaknesses and label their behaviours in less-than-positive ways.

We’re inviting you to be one of the people in each of your student’s life who helps them see life from a strengths perspective.

Using the Clifton Strengths Finder Assessment, an instrument based on 40 years of science. The Gallup organisation has conducted thousands of studies on the talents of individuals and from those studies this assessment was created to discover and develop the unique talents within individuals – your students.

You will be able to help each student use their natural patterns of thought, feelings and behaviour and apply them to activities within and outside of school. This knowledge will allow you to make a more positive impact on each student’s life, and to influence their achievement.

Our ‘Find Your Magic’ Online Academy is designed to help your students discover, appreciate and then actively apply their talents. It’s a digital coaching program to support the work you are currently doing with your students.


Study skills playbook ecourse

Ok, you’ve identified your talents, and you want to focus on them to turn them into super powers (rock on!!).
Do you need to brush up on your study skills to do that?
Relax, we can help with that too!
It seems kinda crazy that no one teaches you how to study.
You’ve probably developed habits – good and bad – and are studying the only way you know how, but in most cases that isn’t the most productive or effective way.

How do I know this?

Because I adopted my Dad’s study techniques in secondary school, and quickly realised how inefficient I had been. Using his techniques I set myself goals, planned my time, learned new skills essential for success and adopted his know-how for tackling exams (just to name a few).
All this and SO much more is included in our
Study Skills Playbook online course
(based on our #1 Amazon Bestselling ebook of the same name. and our original print publication released in 1991!).

I’m digging this, tell me more…
Imagine if you knew your Top 5 talents?
You'd then know where to focus your
studies and time.
And how to pitch yourself to future employees...
Sounds good huh?
You're spectacularly awesome, and w
e want to shine a light on you.
Let's explore your talents, unleish your potential and develop who you are.
But... only sign-up if you're ready to discover your super-powers.
Together we'll work out how you can use your talents, and what you need
to do to turn them into strengths.
We're your own private cheer squad whispering guidance in your ear when you need it via emails, digital coaching, videos, our online Academy,
blogs, webinars and VIP offers.

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