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Find Your Magic eCourse

We’re currently developing the ‘Find your Magic’ online course.
It’s part of our online academy.

An online course, workshop and one-on-one coaching program all rolled into one, to guide you in discovering your talents, and designing your life in this new digital economy.

Based on the results of the Gallup Strengths Finder assessment. We’ll look at your Top talent themes and explore who you are.
Dig deep to find your magic.

We want to help you to have discussions with people, about you:

  • What your talents are,
  • What you love doing,
  • Where you’d like to focus, to turn your talents into strengths.

We’ll ask you the right questions, to help you (and others) get to know you better.

Aimed at Year 10 students and teenagers facing those big life decisions about what they want to do! We’re here to help.

The online course can be completed individually, or ask us about creating a version for your entire school year-group to work through together. What fun!

If you’d like to learn more about the Find Your Magic program for you or your school than you can email


Study Skills Playbook eCourse

Have you ever stopped to think that we spend on average 5% of our waking life studying in order to find a job we’ll enjoy?
And then, once we’ve found a suitable job, we spend 13% of our waking life working.

So, doesn’t it seem crazy … that no one actually teaches us how to study or work.

We develop habits – good and bad – and we study and work the only way we know how, but in most cases that isn’t the most productive or effective way. How do I know this?
The minute I adopted my Dad’s study techniques I quickly realised how inefficient I had been previously with my studying.

If you’re keen to brush up on your study skills then head over to our Online Course HERE and get started now.

Imagine if you knew your Top 5 talents?
You'd then know where to focus your
studies and time.
And how to pitch yourself to future employees...
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Let's explore your talents, unleish your potential and develop who you are.
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Together we'll work out how you can use your talents, and what you need
to do to turn them into strengths.
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