Working with Binny to discover my Strengths via the Gallup Strengths system and being personally coached on how to best use them in my professional and personal life has been, by far, the most incredible professional development I’ve undertaken.
Binny’s understanding of the Strengths system and her passion for helping clients understand their unique
strengths combination makes her the best coach I’ve ever worked with. If only I had access to this
as a teenager, rather than 20 years into my career!
Binny’s mission to provide access to Strengths coaching
for young people will change education
and career guidance for today’s youth.
As Kennedy said, we stand on the edge of a new frontier.
Emma Diffen, Strategic Commuications Specialist

Binny and Chris have combined a proven study system developed by Chris with many of the latest
techniques and tools for effective study.
With the increased workload experienced by secondary students in their final years of study,
this easy to read book will teach students how to put their study into perspective
with their longer term goals, the tricks to make the most of their precious time, the importance
of planning and the essential study skills to make it all happen.

Garry Schultz, Principal at Belmont High School

Study Skills Playbook is the perfect companion for students today who are challenged by many of life’s
distractions and the pace of the world in which we live.
The book contains many wonderful and much needed insights and practical tips, including one we at
Smiling Mind are very passionate about – the importance of a healthy mind.
Thank you Binny and Chris for rich information about how to unlock our full potential and enjoy the process of learning and achieving,
which from my experience, is a enjoyed far beyond school years hence the importance of building healthy habits early on.

Jane Martino, entrepreneur & Co-Founder Smiling Mind

Aimed at later years secondary students, Study Skills Playbook can also be used by
parents who want to support their children in developing some of the meta-learning skills
necessary for effective, sustainable learning- in fact they too could get a lot from
the strong mix of insight strategies, simple tools and references to brain research and software apps.
Its flexibility also makes the book a very useful secondary school teacher resource.

Wayne Perkins, Educational Consultant & Retired Secondary School Principal