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Everyone knows their talents. We’ve all identified our magic. We know what makes us unique, our gift to the world. And we have the courage to go out there and use our talents to make this ever-changing world a better place.


I hear the horror stories (and I’ve heard many) about people who have chosen career paths or made choices that don’t align with who they are.

I’m saddened to hear that most youth don’t know what their talents are, or have never talked one on one with anyone about how to apply their talents in the world to make a difference and build a life around them.

I’m frustrated with the absence of any exploration opportunities for youth and students to understand the natural gifts they were born with – their natural way of thinking, feeling and behaving – and how to go about utilising them to design their life.

I’m bored with how things are (and not much has changed since I was at school more than 20 years ago!). I want to arm curious youth with a personalised dossier about themselves, as they enter adulthood and the next stage of their wondrous life.


A really clear understanding of yourself.

Imagine if you were guided to create a dossier. Your own personal report, profile or portfolio, all about you. The most important person in your life.

I want you to use this dossier to enter into discussions with your parents, carer, counseller, peers, other family members, teachers and career advisers. It will help them understand you. What your talents are, how you like to work, what excites you… and most importantly what your goals are in each area of your life.

This will make it easier for you to express who you are, and what your future might look like. To design your life.
You’ll be clear about where you need to focus or gain more skills, knowledge and practice to turn your innate talents into strengths

This is my gift to you.


So I’ve created ‘Find your Magic’. It’s part of our online academy. An eCourse, Workshop and one-on-one coaching program all rolled into one, to guide you in creating your own personal dossier.

Based on the results of the Gallup Strengths Finder assessment. We’ll look at your Top talent themes and explore who you are.
Dig deep to find your magic.

I want to help you to have discussions with people, about you:

  • What your talents are,
  • What you love doing,
  • Where you’d like to focus, to turn your talents into strengths.

We’ll ask you the right questions, to help you (and others) get to know you better.

The details captured in your dossier can be used to create your CV, in applications to complete further study (apply for scholarships or unique opportunities related to your talents), to direct you towards extracurricular opportunities.

The insights in your dossier will help you in interviews and to see how to further develop your talents (talents need to be fed, regularly!). It will guide you when having discussions with career advisors, counsellors, your parents, carers, teachers – anyone who needs to know more about who you are!

You will know what makes you unique, and why you are different (in a totally awesome way!), and can share that with everyone around you.


Believe me when I say you are awesome! You have dominant talents you were born with, we can unearth those for you using a simple online assessment based on 40 years of testing and research.

Get excited about your future, and know that you have something amazing to offer the world (even if you don’t feel that right now). And, know that in this ever-changing digital economy, with careers emerging and disappearing like we’ve never seen before you have talents that the world needs! The trick is to know what they are, build on them and know what to aim them at!

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  • Tell all your friends about ‘Find Your Magic’ and get a group together to compile your dossiers together – what fun!
  • Or tell your school, and we can come to you and deliver the online ‘Find Your Magic’ program to your class or year level.

You don’t want to miss out on this rare chance to truely describe to the rest of the world what you’re all about – Imagine the possibilities that could come from this?

In the meantime you can engrossed yourself in our Study Skills Playbook course in our online academy (Based on our #1 Bestselling Amazon eBook of the same name).

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