In the 60’s, 70’s, and into the 80’s, young adults went on to tertiary study to discover what they wanted to do. Most found good jobs after graduation simply because they had a degree.
You do not live in that world.
In your world a degree doesn’t guarantee either employment or high pay.

Carol Christen, What Color is Your Parachute, 2015

According to Gallup we’ve created a system for stuffing things into students — facts, figures and content — but not pulling things out — their innate potential, the things they want to do and be. We are what we measure, but are we measuring all of the things that we value?

Brandon Busteed, Executive Director of Education and Workforce Development at Gallup, questions our focus on simple metrics — grades, test scores and graduation rates — but this doesn’t capture the full picture of success. We aren’t paying attention to the other things that equate to success; it’s not all explained by test scores, but we teach our students and parents that they are all that matter.

We were really concerned by a recent study of students in Years 5 through 12 surveyed through Australia’s 2016 Gallup Student Poll that reported:

Less than half (48%) could be classified as “hopeful,”
meaning they have abundant ideas and energy for the future. This figure hasn’t budged since 2014.

More than one in three (37%) students polled were classified as “stuck” –
meaning they have few ideas and little momentum for their future.

It saddens us that only about three in 10 Year 12 students strongly agree
that they know they will find a good job after they leave school (Gallup 2016)


But wait! There is reason to be optimistic.

We’re here to help. By teaching teens and students to focus on their unique strengths in order to help them to set and pursue their own path. According to Gallup, when students focus on their strengths, they are nearly nine times more likely to be engaged in school and nearly three times more likely to be hopeful.

People are not always aware of their talents though. Talents are so innate, so ever-present, that you might not even realise you have them. In fact, people typically think that whatever talents they have, everybody has. That’s how closely entwined your talents are with your behaviours and your perception of the world.
Strengths Based Parenting, Gallup, Mary Reckmeyer, PH.D.


By completing the Gallup Clifton Strengths Finder assessment and gaining a detailed understanding of their strengths, it shows your child the things that have always come easily to them.

What comes easily to them is where they have talents.

The most important thing to remember about talents is that they are your child’s areas of greatest potential and where they have an innate capacity for excellence.

We know that all you’ve ever wanted for your daughter or son is for them to be happy (we’re parents too, we get it!). We also know that when your children become teenagers and are faced with the decision of choosing the right subjects for year 11 and 12 and selecting a university course, job or vocational study that best suits them… the process can be stressful and overwhelming. If they’re not sure what pathway they want to take it compounds the stress for them (and you!).
You can’t make this decision for them (no one can!). That’s where we come in.

You do your best when you’re doing what your best at – when you’re using your talents. Don’t you think it’s time we helped you identify your child’s talents? They are then able to focus on their innate talents, and with investment (skills, knowledge and practise), use those talents to consistently provide near perfect performance in a given activity.

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