Talents are like muscles. If you use them, they will help you achieve. Further, as you refine them, they will become even more capable of helping you achieve
Donald Clifton, Strengths Quest, 2006

When your students are faced with the decision of what subjects to take in order to get into the right course at university, the school career advisor plays a vital role in helping them find the best pathway – but what if the student doesn’t know what career they want to strive for? What if they don’t know what they are good at?

We’ve developed our Find Your Magic Online Academy to fill this gap. Deigned for Year 10 students to work through online (combined with triggers and prompting from the classroom) to help students:
– discover their innate talents (the gifts they were born with) via Gallup’s Clifton Strengths Finder assessment.
– Understand what their Top 5 talents mean for them, how they play out in life, school and the workforce.
– What they can do to turn those talents into strengths.
– Explore who they are, what motivates them and what that means for them in this new economy and changing workforce.
– Arm students with a dossier about themselves to drive career and study conversations with parents, teachers and career advisors.

Many students make decisions based on external factors rather than looking internally for the answers. By showing your students what their talents and passions are it changes the dynamic of the conversation. The discussion about career and study is no longer guesswork, it’s based on real knowledge and self awareness.

Armed with that knowledge of their innate talents they are capable of choosing a livelihood they’ll love.
Wouldn’t that make for a different conversation with their parents, teachers and career advisors?
Students could lead that conversation and design a life playing to their talents, rather than feeling lead by others.

The Inkling Effect helps students discover who they are, discover their talents and see what their potential could be.

Through our Find Your Magic Digital Academy we work with students to create a personal dossier detailing their talents, creating a better understanding of their potential and helping them value what they were born with.

We all have super-powers, but not all of us are aware that they exist within us.

We believe the world would be a better place if everyone loved what they did and we believe everyone deserves to discover their super-powers.

We would welcome any speaking opportunities with parents and students about the power of discovering your talents, and the importance of knowing your talents to survive this new economy.

We’ll be launching our ‘Find Your Magic’ online Academy very soon, sign up below to stay in the loop, or call us to find out how you could introduce our Academy into your curriculum for your Year 10 students.

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