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Binny Langler

Championing you as an individual is what I am truly passionate about. Identifying what makes you unique, and how to bring out your very best.

Whenever you get to have an "Aha" moment is what really excites me, where you see for the first time the amazing talents you possess, and say to me …

"All my life I've assumed everyone was able to do that?" or ...

"Doesn't everyone think that way – is that really a unique talent?"


It's that challenge of helping you ‘flip the script’ … from focussing on weaknesses, and what's wrong with you … to focussing instead on your potential and promise.  Amplifying your natural talents and strengths – things you were gifted with at birth.


For over two decades, I've been fortunate enough to gain experience with large corporates, start-ups and small businesses. In leadership roles, managing digital product teams and cross-functional delivery teams. 

All of which has helped hone my innate ability to quickly spot the talents others have. And how to best align those talents to the work they do, so they can thrive.

Many years at Sensis (Yellow Pages Digital) leading the Digital Product Team are what have sharpened my ability to build high-performing teams – with strong collaboration and trust between individuals.

Then, managing the student digital experience at Deakin University provided the opportunity to optimise my Strengths Coaching and team building prowess, as Head of Digital Product. 

This culminated in the roll-out out of a department-wide Strengths Coaching program (including three cross-functional delivery teams), plus adopting a 1:1 Strengths Coaching practice with my seven Digital product team members.


Throughout my career, I seem to have made a habit of acquiring 'broken' teams, and 'debugging' them – where team members still refer to our time together as the highlight of their own careers. 

However, probably my greatest transformation has been from the fast-paced corporate life … to becoming a mother of two beautiful girls. It's quite a change of pace – but one I have welcomed wholeheartedly, alongside my husband, Tim.

After having kids I became obsessed with the idea of designing the work-life I wanted, that truly aligned to who I was.

Which led me to transitioning to full-time coaching, and guiding others to also achieve what I had - a successful career transition.

There is no greater feeling than achieving alignment between your innate talents, and the work that you do - in this sweet spot is where you 'Find Your Magic'.




When I'm not transforming people and their careers you'll find me hanging upside down on a silk at Aerial Yoga, on a reformer machine at Pilates, watering my abundance of indoor plants … or simply walking our very cheeky Red Heeler, Roy.

Over my career, those that have worked with me had this to say about their experience:

  • You make everyone feel valued, supported, and heard, giving them a voice & creating space for them to think and speak.

  • You're a guiding light, providing insights in to our strengths and how to amplify them - coaching us on how to thrive and live our best life.

  • What you see is what you get, you bring your whole self. You're open, honest and vulnerable when you need to be.

  • A creative and strategic thinker, that's able to bring this out in others, creating collaborative and safe environments.

  • You bring humour and fun, and your presence lightens up any space.

So, let's Pursue Brilliance together.

Director & Lead Coach

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Why the Polar Bear?

You'll benefit from the polar bear spirit when I'm coaching you...
Polar bears symbolise strength, power and are natural born leaders.

Their spirit comes to your aid when you feel faint of heart - when the challenges in life can be overwhelming. The polar bear brings renewed courage and self determination. 

They are patient and always making steady progress towards their goals, focussing on their chosen path without getting distracted - guiding you to be fearless and always forward-moving.

Like the polar bear, I'm observant and adaptable, seeing what others miss. In most cultures, their appearance represents a fresh start, good luck and abundance.

Know that I will bring Polar bear spirit to every interaction we have.

My Top
10 Strengths

Image by Nick Shandra


Described as perceptive, an observer, accurate and insightful when it comes to people.

Gaining joy from assisting people in need of support. Noticing and appreciating each person's unique characteristics. Seeing clearly what sets individuals apart and the conditions necessary for their uniqueness to shine brighter.

Being a certified CliftonStrengths coach, it would be remiss of me not to share my own Top 10 CliftonStrengths, and the unique capabilities each strength gifts me.

It's the combination of my Top 10 that led me to a career in coaching.

I'm right where I need to be, applying my talents in the way they were designed for me.

Image by Shiromani Kant


A natural ability to absorb information quickly. Always looking to broaden knowledge and sharpen skills, then support others with the 

insights gleaned.

Thriving when thrown in the deep end, or having to get up-to-speed quickly. Trusted to rise to the challenge, often choosing to take on difficult tasks. Quickly bringing value to

any situation.

Image by Rob Wicks


A reputation for being trustworthy, reliable and dependable. Will always deliver on my promises, whatever it takes. Comfortable admitting I have limitations, or need to improve on things. A person of my word, others know they can rely on and trust me. The person you go to when you need something delivered on time.

brown wooden dock on sea under blue sky


A visionary. Easily turning aspirations in to reality. Helping those that are struggling imagine their future,  naturally seeing a better tomorrow.

Thinking in terms of possibilities,  visions for tomorrow can inspire and push others to new heights. Can easily envision what to accomplish in the coming weeks, months,
years or decades.

Image by Alexander Mils


Drawing clever linkages between facts, events, people, problems or solutions with ease.

Presenting numerous options at a pace some find dizzying. Quickly weighing alternative paths and determining the best one. With a natural ability to anticipate, play out different scenarios and plan ahead makes for an agile decision-maker. 

Finishing Line


Self-motivated and productive.
Requiring the freedom to set the pace. Completing tasks, and getting to the finish line provides a great sense of fulfilment. A strong inner drive - an innate source of intensity, energy and power that motivates the hard work to get things done. Knows the required steps to get to the end.

Image by Madrosah Sunnah


An uncanny ability to find words for thoughts and feelings, highlighting important messages and helping to make meaningful connections. Demonstrating an ease with language, capturing people's attention with what and how it's said. Known as an entertaining conversationalist and storyteller.

Image by Diego PH


Fascinated by ideas. Enjoys looking at the world from different perspectives and always searching for connections. A powerful and creative brainstorming partner. Often described as creative, artistic, insightful and innovative. A desire to ideate drives the need for ongoing collaboration - to feed the idea development process.

Image by Viviana Rishe


A natural ability to coordinate people and resources for maximum effectiveness. Bringing creative flexibility in complex situations, leading to greater efficiency. Possessing an expertise for juggling schedules and people, managing all the moving parts. Seen as an orchestrator, resourceful and collaborative.


Naturally focusing on strengths as a way to stimulate personal and group excellence. Seeking to transform something strong into something superb. By seeing what each person naturally does best and empowering them to do it, making individuals, teams and groups better. Targeting maximum return on investment with a  commitment to quality.

Why not find out
what yours are?

Education & Certifications

Firework Licensed Career


Firework is an advanced career change coaching training, and licensed Framework that provides a proven set of tools and exercises, accredited by the International Coaching Federation

Executive Coaching
Certification (CEC)

Coaching Australia

International Coaching Federation accredited Executive Coaching Certification, aligned to the highest international coaching standards, ethics and competencies 

Certified Gallup Global Strengths Coach
Gallup CliftonStrengths

Strengths coaching certification for leading individuals to greater performance using the Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment as well as focused techniques for coaching teams & their leaders.

Agile Certifications, Scaled Agile Inc. & ICAgile

Agile Product Ownership (Business Value Analysis) Certification

Professional Scrum Master Certification

SAFE 4 Practictioner Certification

Masters of Entrepreneurship & Innovation (MEI)
Australian Graduate School or Entrepreneurship (Swinburne University)

The knowledge to see change as an opportunity - not as chaos. Understanding that innovation is a process, while discovering the roadblocks needed to overcome along the way. Acquiring the skills to instigate, lead and manage innovation to take ideas from seed to success. 

Bachelor of Applied Science (Marketing) (BAsc)
RMIT University

Marketing Major undertaken on exchange at Penn State University (USA).

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