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Team Coaching

Unearth the talents of each individual + the collective power of your team's strengths.

Improving team Collaboration & Performance.

Team Collaboration & Strengths Coaching


CliftonStrengths gives people a shortcut for getting to know one

another and creating trust among each other.
It fosters productive, ongoing conversations about what talents

people bring to certain situations when normally it's hard to put into words. 

Once a team understands how to leverage each person's strengths,

team members quickly find new ways

to navigate issues and work together, increasing agility.



Unearth the talents of each individual + the collective power of your team's strengths. 

Explore possible strength partnerships for amplifying superpowers, and acknowledge any team talent gaps.

Boost your collaboration & innovation through a new found trust, plus an understanding & respect of each team member's unique strengths.

During (and after) the Team Coaching Program, participants will:


Unearth their own talents

Discover the unique talents they were born with, that give them a unique power and edge.

Open their eyes to who they really are.

Uncover and appreciate the talents of their teammates

Understand and appreciate their teammates strengths and become capable of using and communicating that information to set up each person for success. Making ongoing adjustments to align work with team members' strengths, when possible.

Collaborate and innovate more often

Know how to 'Pitch' themselves

Talk with conviction about what they bring to the team, explain how the team can get the best from them - they’ll all become unstoppable.

Believe they bring value to the team


Gain a confidence injection

Their belief in themselves and the value they bring to the team will skyrocket. Everyone will focus on what they're exceptional at, instead of wasting time admiring the skills and capabilities of others in the team. You'll be a more productive team. People achieve more when they spend time in their areas of greater talent.

Each team member will become outstanding. They will be called upon for your strengths. Feel a greater sense of belonging and contribution

Achieve greater engagement and happiness at work

They'll start to love Mondays.  Knowing how to align their talents as a team to what they do best - feeling more energised, in flow and a greater sense of joy. 

There will be more laughter, positive vibes and productivity.


Lead their career development

Call the shots on their future growth. They'll have a clear plan of the skills and knowledge they need to turn their talents into  superpowers. They’ll become the master of targeting professional development towards magnifying their talents.

The team will observe moments of genius and wizardry when they see each other's Strengths at play.

Make important career decisions
They’ll make unwavering decisions about career leaps they might be considering, whether it be a new direction, leadership opportunities or specialising in a specific field. 

“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Mark Twain


Experience greater self-awareness

With a deep understanding of their talents, they’ll demonstrate self-awareness beyond their expectations. This will extend to improving their interactions and relationships with with each other (and outside of work). They will see each other (and those beyond the team) with a new appreciation and respect for individual differences.
Encountering more harmony, better communication and good relations in their life.


Demonstrate Courage and self-assurance
They’ll achieve all the above with the courage and self-assurance you get from knowing who you are, what you’re exceptional at and the environment that supports you to shine.

Freedom to be who they are, and be unstoppable.


Included in Your Customised
Team Coaching program:

Strengths Assessment

No more guessing what their talents are. A Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment will tell each team member exactly what their 34 talents are in order of their dominance, and our coaching expertise will help them make sense of it all.  Each person will receive multiple reports detailing their Top 10 talents, supporting and lesser talents - providing insights in to their unique combination, and suggestions on how to amplify them to become strengths.

360 Feedback Survey

Those around you (both work and life) offer great insight in to the talents you use daily in everything you do. Each team member will request 3-5 people to complete a questionnaire, asking people they know well about 5 talents they observe in them (without seeing their 34 talent report). This will feed in to their Private coaching session discussions.

Group Workshops or Zoom Sessions

With a focus on Naming all the 34 talents, Claiming their dominant talents, and getting the 'Best of Me' from each participant. 

We will look at the talents of the team in a grid, spotting duplications of talent, and a scarcity of any talents - discussing the talent combinations of the team as a whole.

Group sessions allow the team to explore the prowess their own talents bring, whilst learning about others in the group with diverse talent combinations. They will start to respect and value everyone's differences - whilst also recognising how individual their talents are.

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Private coaching sessions (usually via Zoom) allow each team member to further explore their Dominant talents, how they combine to give them power and edge, and acknowledge their weaknesses. There is an opportunity to discuss blindspots with certain talents. Finally they will learn the art of strengths based goal setting, where they will intentionally aim their strengths to pursue brilliance in their career.

Online Learning Modules

To support the group sessions and private coaching sessions, they'll have access to online learning modules. These modules provide links to further videos and resources about their Top talents, coaching activities to be worked through between touch-points. Additionally, it offers a simple way to keep on track and know what's next during the coaching program.

Digital Vision Board

Everything we cover in the Strengths Coaching Program will be collated in their own personalised Digital Vision Board (on Mural). Each participant will have this to refer to beyond our time together, providing  reminders of what makes them unique, how to describe their strengths to others, words they might choose to do so, and how the people in their life life might get the best from them (great for managers or teammates).
The goals and actions they define will be recorded here, along with the talents they have chosen to aim at achieving them. Giving them a resource that lives on long after they have completed the coaching program.

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