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Coaching Options

Underpinning our coaching is the foundational knowledge

and understanding of your innate talents.

Multiple coaching options are available to suit both Individual and Team needs.

Individuals can chose between a group coaching program,

or a series of private 1:1 coaching sessions.

For team collaboration & performance coaching, custom designed programs are developed to meet your business and team needs.

Find Your Magic
Hybrid Coaching Program

Group Strengths Coaching program for individuals.

Group Zooms & 1:1 Coaching Sessions, with online learning modules & support.


Unearth your unique talents and discover how different we all are. Then learn how to aim your talents to become unstoppable.

Floating in the Sea

Private Coaching
1:1 Coaching Program

A series of private Coaching Sessions over 9-12 months.
Unearth your unique talents, amplify them to become strengths, target them for success.

Practice the art of aiming your strengths to achieve your goals in work and life.

Set goals, make plans, define actions then be held accountable and guided to achieve them.

Team Collaboration & Performance
Coaching Program

Unearth the talents of each individual + the collective power of your team's strengths.

Explore possible strength partnerships to amplify superpowers, and spot any team talent gaps.

Boost your collaboration & innovation through a new found trust, plus an understanding & respect of each team member's unique strengths.

Momentum Sessions

1:1 Coaching 

After group, Individual or Team Coaching, keep the momentum going with a series of private coaching sessions.

Meet regularly with your personal coach to ensure you reach your career goals, working through anything holding you back, possible blockers or interference 

Stay focussed on who you are, and where you want to be - so you can thrive.

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