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Strengths Coaching

'Strengths science answers questions about what's right with people rather than what's wrong with them.'


Talents, are your"naturally recurring patterns of thought, feeling or behavior."


Gallup CliftonStrengths is a powerful tool that unveils your innate, natural abilities—the talents you can effortlessly apply to achieve productivity and excellence.

Developed by Don Clifton through extensive study of human behaviuor, this assessment identifies 34 talent themes that encompass a wide array of positive characteristics commonly found in individuals.

Through the CliftonStrengths Assessment, you gain insight into the rank order of these 34 themes within yourself, providing a roadmap for personal and professional development.


However, realising the full potential of these talents requires investment—practice, knowledge, and skills.

As experienced Strengths coaches we provide invaluable guidance, assisting you in cultivating and refining your talents into strengths, ultimately unlocking your limitless potential.

Discover the transformative power of understanding and harnessing your strengths with our strengths coaching options.

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Awakening Your Superpowers

Strengths Coaching to unearth your innate talents, and meet your powerful self, for the first time.

A combination of Group Zoom Workshops, 1:1 Coaching and online learning modules

CliftonStrengths Assessment

It only takes 177 questions to uncover the one true you.
But it takes commitment to become the best you. Complete the CliftonStrengths
assessment to unlock the personalised reports and resources you need to maximise your potential.

Personalised Reports

Your customised CliftonStrengths reports and guides help you chart your course to accomplish great things using the true north of what you naturally do best.

Use Your CliftonStrengths
to Succeed

When you take the CliftonStrengths Assessment, you'll learn about your strengths across these 34 themes, providing you with a roadmap for personal and professional growth.


To fully capitalise on your talents requires effort—practice, learning, and skill-building in your areas of strength.

That's where an experienced, and certified, Gallup Strengths Coach comes in.
We provide invaluable guidance to help you refine and develop your talents, unlocking your full potential.


Enabling you to develop your talents infinitely.

Discover the power of understanding and leveraging your superpowers with our strengths coaching options available.

People who know and use their strengths are:

6x as likely to be engaged at work

7.8% more productive in their role

3x as likely to have an excellent quality of life


Your Strengths Blueprint

A carefully designed online learning experience to unearth your innate talents,

Through engaging modules, captivating videos, and immersive activities, you'll explore the essence of your strengths, gaining profound insights into how they shape who you are.

A sample Strengths report summary:

An example of a strengths report 34 talent summary
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