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We believe in the
radical idea you can
design the work life you want!

Develop Your Strengths Infinitely...


Discover the power of Strengths & Executive Coaching. 

As a passionate professional, you possess unique talents waiting to be uncovered—an experienced coach can help unearth them, providing the confidence and clarity you seek.


By refining your talents into strengths, you gain the courage to pursue career leaps and transitions with conviction.

Positive psychology empowers you to focus on what you excel at, propelling you forward instead of dwelling on weaknesses.


With this newfound self-awareness, you'll align your work with your true self, paving the way for fulfilment and greater happiness.

I'm Binny Langler, your lead Coach, dedicated to helping individuals and teams thrive.


Where might you need some coaching?

Promotion Seeker

  • You're eyeing off that next career leap. Management, Specialist, Associate, Partner, Director?

  • You want greater certainty about the value you bring, and how to pitch that to others.

  • Your talents are why you're great at what you do, you want to pin-point exactly what they are.

  •  And then use those talents to kick goals in your next role.

Aspiring Leader

  • You're starting your work-life.

  • You have a vision for where you want to go, and want to do everything possible to get there.

  • Knowing your innate talents, you can target your professional development - to grow your talents infinitely.

  • You start to turn your talents in to strengths, and then superpowers, to become unstoppable!

Career Changer

  • You're making a big life change.

  • A new industry or field, studying or setting up a business.

  • It's going to be different, and challenging, but mostly exciting!

  • You want to know your natural talents, then aim them at this  transition, to ensure success.

  • Knowing the talents you were born with will help you find flow, and your confidence will skyrocket.

Career Break Returner

  • You're re-entering the workforce and feeling apprehensive.

  • You want to believe your value.

  • You'd like to unearth your talents, giving you a unique power & edge.

  • A deeper understanding of your talents, will bring a self-awareness beyond your expectations

  • You return to work with a new found courage and confidence.

Wouldn't you
like to always
love Mondays?


Imagine if you could chart your own path to a more fulfilling career, by aligning what you do every day at work with your unique strengths.

Sounds simple, right?

If it was that easy, more people would be feeling energised by their work.

It all starts by knowing your unique strengths.

Not what you've 'guessed' them to be.

Actually doing an assessment to really know. (we use the CliftonStrengths assessment)

And yes, it will change your life forever. Promise!

Real change takes place when we coach you to then apply and cultivate your talents, only then can you turn them into strengths.

Your relationships, interactions and confidence will flourish.
You'll start discovering you have superpowers - things you are amazing at.

This leads to ultimately... loving Mondays, and every other work day!

Who do we Coach?

There are many faces of The Inkling Effect Coachees.
Each with different motivations, needs and career stages.
But the Why is the same.

They all have an 'Inkling' that there is something more to learn about themselves. A life purpose they are yet to find.

Talents to unearth. Strengths they could be polishing.

They come to us to put that into 'effect'.

We like to call it 'The Inkling Effect'

The Inkling Effect Coached Patricia

Business Analyst


Sought coaching to:

  • Help move across into a role she's never done before.

  • Confirm her belief that she is suited to this role. 

  • Recognise she has the natural talents for this role.

  • Work towards applying for a future opportunity.

  • Confidently pitch herself for this role in her resume.

  • Describe herself and the talents she has at interview.

"I want to show I would be perfect for a different role"

The Inkling Effect Coached Jacquie

Product Manager


Sought coaching to:

  • Gain greater self awareness of her unique talents.

  • Aim her professional development at her talents.

  • Improve her self awareness to improve collaboration.

  • Prepare herself for a future leadership role.

  • Determine where she should specialise.

  • Set goals, make plans and define key actions.

"I want to mentor & develop the next product leaders"

Portrait of Indian male. Smiling and hap



Sought coaching to:

  • Identify study options to amplify his natural talents.

  • Learn more about himself and his talents.

  • Define a specialisation that aligns with his talents.

  • Talk confidently with his Manager about his career.

  • Gain awareness of any lesser talents.

  • Set a career goal, plans and actions to get there.

"I'd like to become a leader and specialist in my field"

The Inkling Effect Coached Prue



Sought coaching to:

  • Supercharge how she pitches herself.

  • Gain confidence in the value she brings.

  • Take ownership of her unique strengths.

  • Identify any weakness hindering her success.

  • Understanding how to aim her strengths for success.

"I want to amplify what I'm great at, to develop infinately"

The Inkling Effect Coached Carlos

Group Manager


Sought coaching to:

  • Understand why managing others doesn't energise him.

  • Figure out why he is feeling disengaged at work.

  • Explore where his talents would be best aimed.

  • Guide him towards work that is fulfilling and meaningful.

  • Better define the value he brings.

  • Get his career back on track, and set some goals.

"I feel like managing people isn't utilising my talents"


Lab Manager


Sought Coaching to:

  • Assist with returning to work after a career break.

  • Clearly define the talents and value she brings.

  • Confidently describe her uniqueness to others.

  • Remove any blockers and fears around the transition.

  • Set some goals, and a plan to return to work.

  • Be accountable to someone to get there.

"I want to believe in myself again, and have confidence"


Hey there Superhero!
Chart your path to a more fulfilling work-life with insights, inspo + free training
to your inbox...

Hooray!! You're now one step closer to discovering your super powers!

Coaching Options

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Self-paced Online Program 

An online offering guided by learning modules, engaging videos and exercises to complete.

Designed to fit around busy schedules where committing to workshops and 1:1 coaching sessions can be challenging.


Strengths Coaching only


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Combination Coaching for Individuals

A hybrid offering of Group Zooms, 1:1 Coaching Sessions, enhanced by online learning modules.


Strengths Coaching
Career Change & Transition
Redeployment Coaching (When situations change)


Floating in the Sea

1:1 Private Executive Coaching Sessions

Private Coaching over 9-12 months.
Unearth your unique talents, amplify them to become strengths, target them for your career success.

Practice the art of aiming your strengths to achieve your goals in work and life.

Set goals, make plans, define actions, then be guided, and held accountable to achieve them.

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Customised Team Coaching

Unearth the talents of each individual + the collective power of your team's strengths.

Explore possible strength partnerships to amplify team  superpowers, and spot any team talent gaps.

Boost your collaboration, productivity & innovation through a new found trust, plus an understanding & respect of each team member's unique value.

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Ongoing 1:1 Momentum Coaching 

Maintain the momentum after your group, team or 1:1 coaching program.

Regular coaching to define new goals, then set a plan and actions.
Check in on your goals, plans and actions to maintain momentum, identifying perceived blockers or interference 

Stay focussed on who you are, and where you want to be - so you can thrive.

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