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Discover Your Path: Unveiling Your Unique Talents for Career Success

I’m fascinated by the idea of human potential—what you are capable of—and how I can nurture that in you.

My coaching focus is to help you leverage your innate talents, my personal mission is to inspire you to move towards who you’re meant to be.  

We were all given unique talents at birth, a mosaic of strengths waiting to be explored. It’s what makes each of us stand out, and what makes diversity in the workplace so valuable and advantageous. Since 2014 I have been coaching individuals and teams to delve into the intriguing world of human capabilities and chart a course towards personal and professional fulfilment.

Navigating the Domains of Talent

Within the realm of Strengths Coaching lies a rich tapestry of talents, spanning four distinct domains:

  • Relationship Building

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Influencing

  • Executing

These domains house a myriad of talents, each contributing to the rich diversity of human potential.

The Blind Spot of Self-Discovery

Despite our ability to recognise strengths in others, we often struggle to identify our own. This blind spot obscures our understanding of our true potential, hindering our ability to thrive in diverse environments. As a certified strengths coach, I spend a lot of time convincing my clients of the innate talents they possess - they just don't see them as unique!

There’s a lot of benefits to discovering your natural talents.

According to Gallup analysis, people who leverage their strengths daily are:

  • three times more likely to experience an excellent quality of life,  

  • six times more likely to be engaged at their jobs,

  • as well as see increased productivity and a decreased possibility of quitting.

But how can you leverage your strengths to achieve all these benefits, if you don't know what they are? Unravelling the Clues: Identifying Your Talents

Here are five clues to unraveling the mystery of your innate talents:

  • Yearning: Pay attention to the areas that ignite a sense of passion and purpose within you. Your natural inclinations often serve as signposts towards your inherent talents.

  • Rapid Learning: Notice moments where learning feels effortless, where you easily grasp new concepts or tasks. These instances offer valuable insights into your innate abilities.

  • Finding Flow: Experience moments of deep immersion and focus, where time seems to stand still. These moments of flow signify alignment with your natural talents.

  • Glimpses of Excellence: Witness your progression from competence to excellence within your chosen field. Each milestone marks a step towards realising your full potential.

  • Satisfaction: Gauge your level of fulfilment and satisfaction in your pursuits. True fulfilment arises when you leverage your innate talents in alignment with your goals.

Empower Your Journey: Embrace Your Strengths

Understanding your strengths is the first step towards unlocking your true potential. Take charge of your career trajectory by embracing your talents and leveraging them for success.

I'm constantly asked how they can be more inspired or fulfilled at work.

My answer is : If we know what your Top 10 strengths (by completing a Strengths Assessment) I can coach you on how you can achieve this. Embark on Your Discovery Journey

Ready to unveil the depths of your potential? Reach out to book a free Career Game Plan Zoom and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Let's uncover your top strengths, harness their power, and propel you towards the fulfilment and satisfaction you deserve in your career.


Binny Langler champions the radical idea that you can design the work life you want.

By coaching you on how to write the next chapter of your work story with YOU as the hero, spotlighting your unique superpowers.

As Founder & Director of The Inkling Effect, Binny has over 20 years of experience in helping professionals discover and apply their unique strengths to create more fulfilling and meaningful work.

A certified Executive, Gallup Global Strengths Coach & Career Change Coach - with a Masters of Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

Her mission is to be a change catalyst for curious professionals who are seeking a fresh start in their career journey. She uses a fast-track process that reveals your superpowers to enable you to script the next chapter of your work story with intention and purpose. Binny specialises in challenging the status quo, utilising Design-Thinking to empower her clients to embrace their potential and pursue brilliance, whether that be in their current role, or transitioning to something entirely different.

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