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Shape your Career: Create Opportunities, Don't Wait for Them

Are you ready to create career possibilities and opportunities, rather than waiting for them to come knocking? If so, you're in the right place! Opportunities are not just chance occurrences; they are possibilities that you can actively create and seize. Read on as I share with you the mindset and strategies to become a master opportunity seizer to design the work life you desire.

Welcoming Career Prospects

The Power of Choosing

Opportunities are not handed to us on a silver platter; we have to choose to notice them, consider them, and take action. Living in the moment, with our eyes and ears open to what is around us is key.

It's all about making adventurous decisions and being open to possibilities. Fear may creep in, but choosing courage over comfort is key to unlocking new opportunities.

My Journey with Opportunities

I've spent over 20 years mastering the art of spotting and seizing opportunities. From my early years at school to my professional career in entrepreneurship and innovation, I've learned that opportunities are everywhere if you're curious, adventurous, and ready to explore.

Overcoming Fear and Doubt

When faced with opportunities, our subconscious often tries to keep us safe by focusing on risks and keeping us in our comfort zone. But choosing courage means leaning into opportunities, asking ourselves, "What's the worst that could happen?" and embracing the excitement of what could be.

Steps to Take to Seize an Opportunity

Exercising Proactivity

Opportunities require action. Whether it's pursuing a new career path, starting a business, or exploring a passion project, taking proactive steps is crucial. My coaching program provides a framework to clarify your direction, commit to building a bridge between your current situation and the possibility, and create opportunities aligned with your values and strengths to get there.

Collaborating for Achievement

Sometimes, achieving our goals requires partnering with someone who complements our strengths and provides support, perspective, and momentum. As a coach, I partner with individuals to guide them to spot, evaluate, and decide to seize opportunities that lead to meaningful career changes.

Participating in Life

Engagement in life is key to seizing opportunities. Saying yes to new experiences, trying new things, and taking action before opportunities vanish are essential strategies. Remember, you have the power to shape your destiny by actively engaging in life and not letting opportunities pass you by.

Take the Next Step...

Ready to transform how you see yourself, respond to challenges, and embrace opportunities? Book a discovery call with me and start your journey towards shaping your destiny and creating the work life you've always wanted. Don't wait for opportunities—create them! #seizetheday #opportunities #possibilities #careerchange #careerstrategy #careercoach


Binny Langler champions the radical idea that you can design the work life you want.

By coaching you on how to write the next chapter of your work story with YOU as the hero, spotlighting your unique superpowers.

As Founder & Director of The Inkling Effect, Binny has over 20 years of experience in helping professionals discover and apply their unique strengths to create more fulfilling and meaningful work.

A certified Executive, Gallup Global Strengths Coach & Career Change Coach - with a Masters of Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

Her mission is to be a change catalyst for curious professionals who are seeking a fresh start in their career journey. She uses a fast-track process that reveals your superpowers to enable you to script the next chapter of your work story with intention and purpose. Binny specialises in challenging the status quo, utilising Design-Thinking to empower her clients to embrace their potential and pursue brilliance, whether that be in their current role, or transitioning to something entirely different.

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